The Digital POWRR Project

12 Sep

For the past two and half years Chicago State University staff members Aaisha Haykal, CSU University Archivist, Martin Kong, Systems Librarian, Gayle Porter, Special Formats Librarian, and Dr. Sharon Hu, Assistant Professor in the College of Education in the Information Science Department have been working on an Institute of Museum and Library Services grantcalled Digital POWRR. The Digital POWRR Project (Preserving digital Objects With Restricted Resources), is a multi-institutional, IMLS National Leadership Grant project that has been making waves in the field of digital preservation (DP) since its efforts began in 2012. Its focus has been on investigating scalable DP solutions for small and mid-sized institutions that are often faced with small staff sizes, restricted IT infrastructures, and tight budgets. These institutions hold unique digital content important to their region's cultural heritage, yet many of the practitioners are unsure how to approach the stewardship of the content and are overwhelmed by the large number of DP tools/services available. As the project progressed, the team uncovered the particular challenges, advantages, needs, and desires of under-resourced institutions. They worked to address and overcome obstacles that often prevent practitioners from taking even initial steps in preserving their digital content. POWRR sought to create a well-marked, realistic path towards sustainable digital stewardship for this often overlooked group.

In August 2014, POWRR team released their White Paper/results, From Theory to Action: Good Enough Digital Preservation for Under-Resourced Cultural Heritage Institutions.

Check the POWRR website for further activities and developments!